About Krocies

Krocies is the first licensed crocodile retailer & distributor in Peninsular Malaysia to sell crocodile products legally. Our products are from the crocodile farms in Kota Kinabalu & Sandakan, Sabah. 

We started off by distributing crocodile meats to restaurants in Selangor area. As the time goes on, we think it might benefit the consumers if we have retail store that the customers can come by to buy crocodile meat as crocodile meat is another meat alternative that is healthy, low fat and high in protein. It is also believed that eating crocodile meat can help cure asthma. That’s when we open our first retail shop in Pearl Point Shopping Mall, Old Klang Road and this website. 

We are not just selling crocodile meat. We have all the crocodile by products like oil, stuffed crocodile, souvenirs made from crocodile leather, teeth and more. Browse through our site to see the wonder of crocodile.